37 CFR 2.56: Specimens

Taken from the USPTO’s TM Federal Statutes and Rules, Last Revised in January 2018

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§2.56 Specimens.

  • (a) An application under section 1(a) of the Act, an amendment to allege use under § 2.76, and a statement of use under § 2.88 must each include one specimen per class showing the mark as used on or in connection with the goods or services. When requested by the Office as reasonably necessary to proper examination, additional specimens must be provided.
  • (b)
    • (1) A trademark specimen is a label, tag, or container for the goods, or a display associated with the goods. The Office may accept another document related to the goods or the sale of the goods when it is impracticable to place the mark on the goods, packaging for the goods, or displays associated with the goods.
    • (2) A service mark specimen must show the mark as used in the sale or advertising of the services.
    • (3) A collective trademark or collective service mark specimen must show how a member uses the mark on the member’s goods or in the sale or advertising of the member’s services.
    • (4) A collective membership mark specimen must show use by members to indicate membership in the collective organization.
    • (5) A certification mark specimen must show how a person other than the owner uses the mark to reflect certification of regional or other origin, material, mode of manufacture, quality, accuracy, or other characteristics of that person’s goods or services; or that members of a union or other organization performed the work or labor on the goods or services.
  • (c) A photocopy or other reproduction of a specimen of the mark as used on or in connection with the goods, or in the sale or advertising of the services, is acceptable. However, a photocopy of the drawing required by § 2.51 is not a proper specimen.
  • (d)
    • (1) The specimen should be flat, and not larger than 8½ inches (21.6 cm.) wide by 11.69 inches (29.7 cm.) long. If a specimen of this size is not available, the applicant may substitute a suitable photograph or other facsimile.
    • (2) If the applicant files a specimen exceeding these size requirements (a “bulky specimen”), the Office will create a digital facsimile of the specimen that meets the requirements of the rule (i.e., is flat and no larger than 8½ inches (21.6 cm.) wide by 11.69 inches (29.7 cm.) long) and put it in the record. The Office may destroy the original bulky specimen.
    • (3) In the absence of non-bulky alternatives, a specimen of use in another appropriate medium may be designated as acceptable by the Office.
    • (4) For a TEAS submission, the specimen must be a digitized image in.jpg or.pdf format.

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