Seamlessly integrated legal counsel to advise and grow with you. 

Brilliant legal protection for brilliant startups. Your success is ours. 

We’ve Gotten To Know You. Now Get To Know Us.

Starting a business should be fun.  We want to make sure you don’t forget that. CLG was born as an auxiliary branch of a larger firm that has provided legal protection to some of the biggest technology companies in the universe.  CLG has since been acquired by Cohn Legal, PLLC and our law firm has devoted its energies to servicing clients in New York, Massachusetts, and various cities and indeed countries throughout the world.

The Firm’s Guiding Principle is Excellence.

On the most fundamental level, our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional legal guidance and support at cost-effective rates. While excellence in legal representation is a given, we take greater pride in our ability to marshal new technologies to facilitate maximum connectivity with our clients and track our client’s cases with precision and care. We are continuously moving towards a fully digital legal interfacing process. Legal work can be complicated but it shouldn’t be unseemly.

No Surprise Bills. Ever.

The legal industry has gotten a bad rep for obscene hourly rates and “spontaneous” billing. We will never do that to you. During your initial onboarding with the firm, we will learn about your needs and craft a fully customer-built, case scope and budget. We take a hands on approach with our clients and understand deeply each client’s particular situation before beginning any work.     

Efficient and Seamless Integration

With experience comes confidence and know-how. We help our clients navigate through the murky waters of fast-paced deals and wordy, convoluted contracts quickly.  We can jump into existing deals or help you start from day 1. Let’s discuss.


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