Trademark Monitoring Services for Trademark Portfolios

How it works

We use cutting edge technology to monitor your trademark applications with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office and track your competitor’s infringing trademark applications.


Submit Your TM Info

Simply upload your trademark information so we can catalog your Trademark, Classes, and Goods/Services. Not sure what your trademark covers? No problem. Simply upload your TM Serial Number and we’ll take care of the rest.


We configure the TM Search Scope

Once we have received your Trademark information, we determine the most robust and comprehensive search parameters based on the Likelihood of Confusion test to customize a trademark monitoring query for your trademark. If there is a prospectively infringing trademark seeking registration with the USPTO, we’ll find it.


We provided you with a monthly monitoring report

Our trademark clearance report is powered by machine learning and search-algorithm technology and provides a comprehensive analysis of applied-for trademarks in the USPTO that are identical, phonetically similar, abbreviations, translations etc. of your trademark.

Packages and pricing



Federal (USPTO) Principal and Supplemental Trademark Registers

$750 /year €625 /year


International Trademark Offices Across the World. (See the list of 190 covered countries by emailing

$1000 /year €830 /year

Monitor Your Trademark Portfolio

Types of Companies that Need Trademark Monitoring Services

Hemp/CBD Companies

Real Estate


Toy Companies

Food/Beverage & CPG


Celebrities, Bands & Athletes

Personal Care & Cosmetic Companies

Jewelry & Watches


Startup & Emerging Growth

Consumer Products

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Likelihood of Confusion test and what our monitoring report flags

The essence of trademark infringement in trademark law is the Likelihood of Confusion test: Is a junior trademark sufficiently similar to a senior trademark, given the goods/services sold under the banner of each respective mark, to cause a consumer to be confused as to the source-company which sells the good/service. If the answer is yes, the junior mark is said to have infringed on the rights of the senior trademark holder.

Thus, the point of a trademarking monitoring service is not only to detect the existence of new marks which are identical to existing marks but instead to detect those trademarks which are sufficiently similar so as to cause consumer confusion.

Our trademark monitoring report therefore considers the existence of new trademarks which are:

  • identical
  • phonetic similarity
  • orthographic similarity and misspellings
  • prefix, infix and suffix variations
  • vowel and consonant similarity
  • plurals and stemming
  • abbreviations and acronyms
  • translations
  • and other similar iterations of our clients mark/s

Our objective is to find potential conflicts before your competitor’s mark is approved for registration and provide you with enough time to file oppose a trademark upon its publication to the Official Gazette.

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Why Trademark Monitoring Matters

A key principle in trademark law is trademark infringement; if you do not protect your trademark rights and control who is using your mark, you run the very real risk of losing your trademark. The fundamental purpose of Trademark Monitoring is to stop a competitor from sneaking an identical (or sufficiently similar trademark) into the USPTO for registration before you have the opportunity to object. Trademark Monitoring keeps you one step ahead and allows you to stop your competitor’s trademark from Registration before it is too late.

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Knowledge is Power. Use it.

On the most fundamental level, your priority must be to protect your brand and maintain the integrity of your trademarks as brand identifiers. The trademark search report will efficiently and effectively distill the most problematic marks which you need to be aware of to patrol and enforce your trademark rights.

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Trademark Reports Made Simple

The trademark report is sent directly to your email in PDF format. Our goal is to make your life easier and includes a complete breakdown of what your competitors are up to and what you need to be on the lookout for.

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