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Startups, of course, are often without the financial means to hire a full time, in-house attorney. Perhaps most importantly, the role of in-house counsel is distinctly consequential in that the lawyer assumes a greater and more proactive role in assessing and mitigating risk. Instead of merely producing legal work, an in-house attorney guides in making big-picture business decisions and analyzes these decisions in light of relevant legal considerations.

To address the need for a more accessible and yet still affordable legal team, Cohn Legal Group offers its clients a monthly-retainer fee option. In this role, we serve as a member of your team and manage, in a legal capacity, your business with you. As your business lawyers, we will sit in on team meetings and work through whatever pressing legal needs your company may have.

True partners, providing pragmatic and actionable advice


We work with you, for you

High-growth companies operate quickly and in a high-pressure environment.  Our objective in our role as corporate counsel is to seamlessly integrate our legal expertise into your daily operations. 
Clients rely on us to first provide them with answers that they may not like but need to hear and then develop solutions that solve existing and impending problems.  Clients count on us. 

What sort of agreements are covered?


Dynamic Corporate Counsel

Remember, our job is to make your life easier.  We’ll work through various legal issues with you including Employee agreements, partnership agreements, vendor agreements, corporate licensing and much more.

How We Bill Our Clients


Transparency At All Times No Matter What

We really mean this. You will never be “surprised” with an unexpected bill and we take great pride in our efforts to communicate as clearly as possible IN ADVANCE precisely how much you can expect to be charged for a particular legal service.  Our objective is to build a relationship with our clients and in order to do that, transparency is key.  Fundamentally, we have three main billing options;

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