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Your Intellectual Property is everything. Our Trademark Lawyers are obsessed with all things Intellectual Property related and we especially relish the opportunity to discuss Trademark Law. The following is a list of the most essential points on filing and enforcing trademarks.  Have something you’d like to see addressed? Let us know.

Trademark Opposition Proceedings

Trademark Oppositions: Strategies to Win

Trademark Oppositions: A Procedural Guide

Trademark Oppositions: Pre-Trial Considerations

☲ File a Trademark in 2020: New USPTO Rules

☲ Trademark Letter of Protest

☲ Trademark Symbols ®, TM, SM

☲ Trade Dress Functionality

☲ Trademark Disclaimers

Geographic Trademarks

☲ Descriptive Trademarks

☲ File a US Trademark Based on a Foreign Application

☲ Trademark Use in Commerce

Trademark Law Fundamentals

Trademark Registration

How to Cancel a Trademark Registration

Trademark Acronyms and Abbreviations

Trademark Intent To Use Applications

Statement of Use Submissions

Office Action Review & Responses

Trademark Assignments

Trademark Monitoring

CyberSquatting Law

Trade Dress Infringement

Drafting Trademark Applications Properly

Trademark Cease and Desist Letters

Trademark Use In Commerce Requirement

Incontestable Trademarks

Likelihood of Confusion Factors

Canadian Trademark Applications

Multi-Class Federal Trademark Applications

Can Abbreviations and Acronyms Be Trademarked

Can Common Symbols Be Trademarked

Can Geographic Indicators Be Used As Trademarks

Drawbacks of Descriptive Trademarks

How To Effectively Protect Your Trademark

Navigating Joint Trademark Ownership

What Is A Unitary Trademark

Trademarks and Creative Works – Exploring the Functionality of Single Work Titles

The Nuances of Trademark Use in Advertising: A Comprehensive Guide

Specimens in Trademark Applications

Acquired Distinctiveness and Secondary Meaning

Exploring the Common Grounds of Refusal for Trademarks: A Comprehensive Analysis

Resolving Trademark Disputes Amicably: A Comprehensive Guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Registering a Service Mark

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) Discovery Conference

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Trademark

TTAB and CBD Trademarks

Trademark Solicitation Letters and Scams

Trademark Licensing Agreements

Supplemental and Principal Register

Trademark Ownership: Public Records

Claiming Color in a Trademark Application

Standard Character & Special Format Trademarks

Trademark Abandonment

Trademark Portfolio Management

International Trademarks

Trademark Enforcement

Trademark Renewal Filings

Trademark Infringement Defense

How To Trademark a Phrase

How to Transfer a Trademark

Trademark Co-Existence Agreements

Prove Bonafide Intent in Trademark 1(b) Applications

Trademarking a Name

How to Trademark a Logo

USPTO Trademark Audit Program

Revive an Abandoned Trademark Application

Dates of Use in Trademark Applications

Request an Extension For a Trademark SOU

Common Law Trademark Rights and the Internet

Request to Divide a Trademark Application

How Long Does it Take to Get a Trademark

Universal Trademark Symbols

How to Trademark a Clothing Brand

Register a Suggestive Trademark with the USPTO

Trademark Infringement Damages: The Complete Guide

Navigating Trademark Ownership: A Comprehensive Guide For Business Owners

The Differences Between Descriptive and Generic Trademarks

The Most Common Trademark Scams and How To Avoid Them

The Power of Fame: How Famous Trademarks Enjoy Broader Legal Protection

Trademarks vs Copyrights: Navigating Intellectual Property Protection In A Digital Age

Trademark Ex Parte Appeal’s: A Complete Guide

How To Avoid Fraud when Dealing with the USPTO

Likelihood of Confusion Refusals – A Deep Dive into 2(d) Trademark Refusals

State Trademark Registrations: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating Drawing Pages in Trademark Applications

Trade Dress: A Comprehensive Exploration of Intellectual Property

Overcoming a Refusal Based on Ornamentation: Navigating Trademark Challenges

Using Your Name As a Trademark

Famous Names as Trademarks

Trademark Lawyers Near Me