Fantastic service and incredible counsel. Highly recommended.

Ian Sacarny

Truly a pleasure speaking with the attorneys at Cohn Legal Group. They helped me tremendously in organizing a legal strategy for protecting my intellectual property.

Chelsea rosen

I've had the pleasure of knowing and doing business with Av for several years now. His work is on point and he doesn't need to be micro-managed with every little thing. Basically, you can give him a concept or idea and he will bring it to fruition. In other words, he listens, gets it, and gets it done. I look forward to continued projects and good times together. In sum, hire him.

Brian Gallo

Excellent experience with the trademark lawyers at CLG. I spoke to Abe who worked with me to protect my intellectual property (trademark company name, logo etc.). The consultation was entirely free and did not feel rushed. Highly Recommended.

Adam Luger

Unbelievable set of attorneys. I own several CPG companies and they've helped me protect my intellectual property and continue to give me great advice and council. Highly recommended.

David Czinn

Abe was fantastic to work with. I hired him for help with establishing a business entity and for trademarking. The entire process was smooth and simple. I had no idea what I was doing and really just needed someone to take care of it each step of the way. He did all of it at a completely reasonable price!

Since I worked with him, I have since referred other business owners his way and they have all said the exact same thing.

Steven Matt