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Working with brilliant Hemp entrepreneurs to build a Canna field of dreams.


Hemp/CBD law is among the most interesting and exciting areas of the legal field. At the most fundamental level, the legal status of Hemp and CBD is challenging precisely because of the complicated internplay between Federal and State laws. Compounding the complexity is the nuanced views on legalization that vary between Federal agencies.

Our New York Hemp and CBD lawyers take great pride in the clients we represent. We cannot wait to learn more about your story and are eager to advise and help you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

The Hemp & CBD Industry is Complex.


Hemp Lawyers to Dig into the Weeds

Our Hemp lawyers will work with you to develop a strategy to manage your capital investments and tax requirements. Hemp businesses are unique in that they are governed, at least on a Federal Level, under a different set of tax rules and regulations. Specialization in this complex field of law is immensely rewarding and we look forward to helping you manage arguably the most important part of your businesses: its finances.

Hemp & CBD Lawyers for an Emerging, Unstoppable Industry


Hemp/CBD Startups

While its significance is commonly underestimated, the process of forming a marijuana startup as a legal entity is critically important with vast financial and management implications. Indeed, determining whether it is best for a marijuana company to designate itself as a Corporation, LLC, or perhaps even a Partnership is a function of a myriad of factors that our legal team can help you weave through. How many managing partners do you expect to have? Do you need to raise capital? Will this capital be raised from VC firms or from family and friends? The answers to these questions will also be important in drafting the articles of the operating agreements and corporate shareholder agreements.


Intellectual Property Protection for Hemp Companies

Cultivate a specialized Hemp/CBD intellectual property plan for your company that is both forward-thinking and present-oriented to protect your most valuable intangibles.


Hemp/CBD is the Future. Be a Part of it.

CBD is the little known secret among entrepreneurs in this space. Our CBD lawyers will make sure your business complies with federal and state law.

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