Trademark Portfolio Management Services


On the most fundamental level, your branding assets and trademarks are the most important pieces of property that your company owns.  Our top trademark lawyers have managed a multitude of trademark portfolios for both national and international companies.  The management of any given company’s trademark portfolio will differ according to the needs of the client but most essentially, consists of vetting, registering, and enforcing the marks against would-be trademark infringers.

Trademark Portfolio Management is About Responsibility


Focused and Aggressive Trademark Enforcement

Our top trademark lawyers work to proactively identify existing or pending issues with your trademarks and their points of vulnerability. We actively work to ensure that your marks are not infringed upon by deceptively similar trademarks and alert you of points of friction when necessary.

Trademark Management Portfolio: The System


Trademark Organization is Key

Many companies unfortunately do not recognize the power of their existing trademarks and, in fact, have not taken the neccesary steps to protect them.  Our top trademark lawyers will help you first identify your company’s existing trademarks and the best strategy for registering them according to the most relevant USPTO Class schedule.


Formulating the Trademark Portfolio Strategy

Our Trademark Lawyers will first conduct a discovery phase with you to ascertain important strategic growth objectives and goals.

  1. Do you plan on selling your goods/services in the USA? Europe? Canada? Internationally?  Depending on where you plan on taking your company in the future, your trademark strategy will adjust accordingly.
  2. What kinds of products/services are you currently selling? What will you be selling in 3 months from now? In 6 months? 1 Year? 5 years?  Trademark registration and enforcement strategies must dynamically account for the goods/services a company intends on introducing into the marketplace.
  3. If you want to maintain ownership rights of a trademark for a good/service, are you still selling the good/service in the marketplace? Our trademark lawyers will help you evaluate whether or not your current use is satisfactorily sufficient to claim “In Use” and how to modify your sales strategy to fortify your rights to your trademarks.
  4. Do you wish to obtain trademark rights on a name similar to a competitor? Our trademark lawyers will help you modify your desired trademark to avoid trademark infringement issues and keep your branding sufficiently distinct and eligible.


Proactive Trademark Portfolio Management

Some of our clients require an aggressive trademark strategy whereby we will apply for immensely desirable trademarks that do not necessarily have a high chance of success.  Other clients are interested in a more conservative strategy and seek to only apply for trademarks that stand a very high chance of admission to the USPTO. Ultimately, our trademark lawyers are here to work with you and devise a strategy that suits your business vision.

Trademark Portfolio Management: Forward Thinking


Licensing Deals and Beyond

Trademark portfolio management consists of far more than the mere registration and protection of trademark assets.  Dynamic and growing companies are continuously looking to expand and enter profitable agreements with likeminded companies.  Our trademark lawyers will help your team develop licensing deals and strategies to expand your global reach.


Is it Expensive?

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