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Trademark Oppositions: Here’s What To Do If Your Trademark Has been Opposed

Trademark Oppositions are an immensely powerful tool. If you feel that your trademark has been infringed upon by a competing party, and you catch the newly filed trademark in time, a Trademark Opposition proceeding may be your new best friend. If you are on the receiving end of a Trademark Opposition, it’s time to hire a Trademark Attorney.   Trademark Opposition and You: What it Means, and What to Do You’ve taken significant steps to…

New York Seed Round Lawyer

New York Seed Round Lawyer – Representing Startups During Seed Round Events

Arguably the most daunting, difficult and downright terrifying task for any startup is raising capital. Obtaining seed funding can often be a long and frustrating process but it is imperative. Having trouble raising seed capital? Want to know how to close a deal with an investor? Read on and speak with a New York Seed Round Lawyer.   What is Seed Funding? Seed funding is arguably THE most important round of funding for any startup.…