Trademark Monitoring


Beyond the initial and indeed preliminary step of registering your trademark, it is imperative that you continue to monitor the strength and impregnability of your trademark vis-a-vis competitors.  Indeed, it is incumbent on the trademark holder to monitor and enforce his/her trademark rights and in order to do so, the trademark owner must first be aware of infringing marks. Our trademark monitoring services consist of monitoring the use of identical and indeed even similar marks and appraising you of these potentially infringing marks. Our top trademark lawyers will do the necessary research to keep track of your intellectual property and if necessary, provide you with the information and tools to dispute a problematic trademark.

Trademark Monitoring Strategies


Customized Trademark Monitoring

Every trademark is unique in that is consists of both a distinct and novel formulation and is tethered to a specific set of goods and services. Many trademarks are registered for multiple goods and services in several different classes.  Our trademark monitoring service is geared towards each individual trademark and takes into account the idiosyncrasies of the mark. 

Trademark Monitoring Tools and Metrics


Advanced Search for Similar Trademarks

Trademark law is challenging and complicated precisely because of the nuances involved in determining what does and does not qualify as an “infringing mark”.  Is a competitor’s mark sufficiently similar to your mark so as to cause consumer confusion?  Our trademark lawyers are experts in trademark law have the legal wherewithal to make these determinations.  If a competing mark is deceptively similar to your mark, we’ll let you know and tell you what to do about it.


Transparency in Trademark Monitoring

Our trademark lawyers will provide you with notice of trademark filings that are sufficiently similar (and therefore problematic) to your registered marks.


Trademark Monitoring Provides You With an Opportunity to Defend Your Mark

Trademark holders have the right to oppose new marks that infringe on their trademark.  Becoming aware of the infringing mark is the first step to filing an opposition to registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Aggressive Trademark Monitoring of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Database


USPTO Database Trademarks

The USPTO receives hundreds of thousands of new trademark applications every year.  It is critical to use a top trademark lawyer with knowledge and experience of the USPTO to monitor your trademark and guard against infringing marks.


Trademark Monitoring Fees

Every client is different.  Contact our trademark lawyers to discuss your particular trademark portfolio to learn more.

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