Imagine a situation in which an investor says that he’ll give you $30 million for 20 percent of your company, but you know that your startup is currently valued at less than $150 million. What is the investor really offering you?   Pre and Post […]

Term sheets are documents (often) drafted by attorneys, which contain the key provisions that startups and investors agree to when striking a deal. Fundamentally, term sheets stipulate the financial obligations of each party and outline the conditions of the sale of stock to investors or […]

  Stock options, such as the Incentive Stock Option (ISO) and the Non-Qualified Stock Option (NSO), are an important tool to incentivize employees, contractors, and consultants hired by a startup to work at their top capacity. These stock options provide workers with the right and […]

  The Basics When an individual is granted stock as compensation from his/her employer, the taxes may either be received fully at the time of grant or may be received incrementally along a vesting schedule. Naturally, the IRS considers this stock to be a form […]

Andrew Greene, an ex-director and head of corporate finance at Stratton Oakmont, Inc., the subject of the 2013 hit Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street, brought suit against Paramount Pictures and others last year alleging defamation and violations of his right to privacy […]

Early this summer it was rumored that Universal Music Group and Sony Music were preparing to file lawsuits against SoundCloud, the popular Swedish music-streaming service (based in Berlin) that over the past eight years has helped tons of budding musicians advance their careers. SoundCloud only […]